Everyone watched the stock market on Wednesday lose some significant value. But remember, stock market investors have been banking all year on an expected reduction in corporate income tax rates and expected reductions in business regulations to boost the value of the registered companies which comprise the stock market. Once it finally dawned on the investors that delays are ahead for both of those goals, a pull-back was only natural. One actually wonders what took them so long to recognize this fact.

And while changes in the stock market can have an impact on interest rates, which can in turn have an impact on housing, by and large I don't see the shenanigans in Washington impacting housing in any way. The Washington indicator to watch is the Fed and the Fed in turn watches unemployment, inflation and the world economy. When unemployment goes down and inflation goes up, interest rates go up and THAT can affect housing. Watch for a heated economy.

That said, interest rates have risen twice in the last few months and rates are still pretty darn low and buyers are still out in full force.

Let Trump worry about Trump. With rates still at historic lows, this is still a great time to sell and a great time to buy.